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I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart.

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I don’t like being alone. I’m not good on my own. My head gets too loud and shit doesn’t make…nothing syncs up. I start thinking about my thinking… And getting lost in the details of nothing.

—Juice, SOA (via nessatones)

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Beginning of the End

You don’t even notice the distance in my eyes.
The emptiness of my touch.
Gone are the kisses too.

I am a reflection of what I see.
It is evident that you are no longer in love with me.

Beginning of the End

Sad thing is when it is all said and done, I will be the one left standing there all alone and heartbroken.

Beginning of the End

I love the way you think that everything is all better. It’s not.

So many chances for you to calm the storm raging within me. Yet, you feel you are the victim.

You asked me a short time ago how do I feel when you touch me and my response is that it hurts.

Yesterday after you decided to initiate conversation and the show of affection, I found it hard for me to look at you in the eyes. Even harder to hug you. Worse to kiss you and mean it.

I am drifting further away and you don’t know it. More than likely you don’t care.